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VR166 Voice Recorder

UNIT PRICE : Wholesale only.
LIST PRICE : $99.00


Sku: VR166";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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The VRBluetooth is a professional grade telephone and cellphone voice recording device*.  ";"
Simple set up. ";"Plug into a wall jack and pick the recording quality mode that suits the situation. Set it to automatically answer and you can go about your day. ";"Or listen in with the included earbuds.
Durable.  ";"Many voice recorders are fragile but the VRBluetooth has a durable metallic molding that protects it from most accidents.
Adjustable quality settings. ";"Manage the trade-off between quality and recording time when choosing between extra high quality(XQ)  ";high quality(HQ) standard quality(SP) and long play(LP). The long play mode can record for up to 283 hours "(a bit longer than 11 days).

Several recording options. "; Set a timer for automatic recording at a specific time or set to voice activation mode. "

Built-in FM radio. ";"Listen to your favorite radio station while you wait for calls.

Easy file management.  ";"Its MP3 and WMA recordings transfer easily to your PC via the built in USB port.




    • One button recording
    • Telephone recording
    • Adjustable quality settings
    • Built in microphone and speaker
    • Built in rechargeable battery
    • Voice Activation
    • Retractable USB port
    • Metal housing


Technical Specs

    • Storage: 2GB Internal storage
    • File format: WMA MP3 ACT
    • Recording time: LP: 140h SP: 35h SHQ: 23h



    • 1 VR166
    • 1 Instruction booklet
    • 1 Wall adapter
    • 1 Set of earbuds
    • 1 Telephone recording kit
    • 1 External microphone set

*Please note that digital phone lines are not supported.  ";"See DTR1000.

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