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PORNDETECTIONSTICK Porn Detection Thumb Drive

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Our new Porn Detection Stick is a thumb drive device that scans through all the files on your computer and reports suspected pornographic images. The device can find images even if the user attempted to hide them by changing the file extension or deleting their Internet Explorer cache files. Many deleted images can still be recovered scanned as pornography and returned in the report. Once recovered you can securely (this time) delete the objectionable images. Best of all no software is installed on the target machine leaving no trace of a search.

Peace of mind.  A person doesnt have to be seeking out pornographic images for them to end up in your web history or personal files. This device can ensure that anyone using a shared computer can be assured no illicit NSFW files will be found on the computer after their session.  

Fast and Accurate.  This quality device can scan a 500 GB hard drive with over 70 000 images in only 1.5 hours and is 99% accurate.  


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